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About our school

About us

Centennial Park School provides personalised educational programs and support for students in Years 7-12 who have been diagnosed with mental health problems and/or disorders. The school has a capacity of 42 enrolments.

Centennial Park School provides access to the core curriculum, with a focus on high quality face to face teaching. Our programs are designed for universal access, and we cater to students who have missed a significant amount of school due to their mental health challenges through to high performing students . Emphasis is given to literacy, numeracy, vocational education, social skills and the development and management of appropriate behaviours and emotional regulation.

All students are encouraged to engage in some form of therapy, either externally or within the school program, and regular school counsellor sessions are available on request. Weekly music therapy, art therapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy sessions are offered with priority given to students not currently accessing outside mental health services. Centennial Park School is committed to delivering high quality, culturally responsive, personalised programs which engage students in a supportive learning environment and prepare students for their return to a regular secondary school or support their transition to other education and training opportunities. There is no time limit on the program and therefore students can complete their studies at Centennial Park School. 


Enrolment applications are not handled locally at the school. To gain access to a program like Centennial Park School, an access request must be generated. Students' access requests are then referred to Centennial Park School via the Ultimo Group Emotional Disturbance and Behavioural Disorder Placement Panel which meets each term to consider applications. Centennial Park School is an emotional disturbance school for specific purpose (ED SSP). Students are recommended for placement via their local government school. Students must be enrolled in a public school to be eligible. Referral to Centennial Park School can be made through a student's current school via the school counsellor and/or learning and support team. If you are seeking placement from a non-government school, please contact the Arncliffe Education Office on 9582 2800 for assistance in discussing suitability for placement at our school or similar setting and / or developing an access request. 


We offer stage 6 programs over a three year pathways model. All students can attain their HSC, ATAR and / or a VET qualification whilst working towards completing their schooling. We deliver a small range of HSC and VET subjects in a traditional face to face model, with sufficient units offered through this mode of delivery to make up a HSC. Greater variety in subject choice is also available through Sydney Distance Education High School curriculum offerings, and / or EVET courses such as the virtual TAFE offerings. Students can pick and choose their own HSC pathway and we offer regular support in navigating their HSC journey.

Programs for students in stage 5 are developed by Centennial Park School staff in a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) model. These programs were developed in collaboration with UNSW staff and are examples of excellence in teaching design and methodology. UDL is a unique approach to working with students with disabilities, as accessibility is built into lessons, rather than lessons being differentiated to meet the needs of each student. In order to be UDL, lessons must provide choices in three domains: representation, expression and engagement. If you would like to know more about this exciting initiative, please contact the school.

Centennial Park School also provides the academic program for stage 4 students. The aim is to create an engaging program which allows for greater flexibility of content, and which is targeted in assessing and subsequently addressing, individual numeracy and literacy deficits. The stage 4 program allows for such modifications as are necessary to meet individual needs and cater for individual learning styles. 

All students have access to a computer and internet technology which is provided by the school. Specific skills in these areas are taught in an integrated manner through all key learning areas.

Transition/ integration

We offer personalised transition support, be that to university, TAFE, other educational providers, supported work placement or a career of students' choosing. We have two fulltime student support officers (youth workers) who support the student's transition to post-school life. This is a collaborative process between the student, school, parents/carers and external agencies, if relevant.

Pro social interpersonal skills

One of the school's prime focal points is social skill development and the school aims to provide an environment in which pro-social skills are demonstrated and encouraged at all times. Consistent modelling and explicit facilitative explanation are a part of the daily fabric of the school's life. In addition, in-class programs provide structured learning experiences in these areas. Elements of this program complement and are linked with personal development/health/physical education (PDHPE) studies.

Health recreational

Staff and students participate in a range of sporting, art, cooking, music, and other recreational activities each week. Students are involved in the planning of these activities and are encouraged to generalise healthy recreation skills into their out of school lives. 

Community links

We have strong links within our community for access to local therapy services, for our work experience placements and for access to Randwick Library and Centennial Park. We continue to grow strong links within our community of schools.