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David - Principal

David, Principal

David has a background in Primary Education and has a long history at the school. Beginning as a Classroom Teacher David was later appointed as the first Assistant Principal at CPS before undertaking the role of Principal in 2015. David is a keen musician and enjoys to participate in the music program to continuously build positive rapport with students and remain connected to education programs offered at CPS. David supports a restorative practice approach to his teaching and leadership style in order to continuously support a culture of safety, respect and compassion.

Nicole - Assistant Principal

Nicole, Assistant Principal

Nicole is a specialist teacher in the key learning area of Visual Arts to include Photography and has a Master of Special Education with a specialisation in Behaviour and Emotional Disorders. Nicole has undertaken courses in remedial reading programs to include MULTI-LIT and has successfully supported students reading development across a number of SSP settings. Nicole is an Assistant Principal and Classroom Teacher of C5, a senior class (Years 10 - 12) with a focus on school to work transition pathways to include TAFE, work experience and the management of the student café.

Travis - Assistant Principal

Travis, Assistant Principal

Travis is a specialist teacher in the key learning area of PD/H/PE and has worked across a number of schools for specific purposes and mainstream settings. He is an Assistant Principals and co-classroom teacher of C5 and with his passion for music, Travis enjoys to facilitate music lessons for C5 students in which he is teaching ukulele and guitar.


Anne - Art Therapist/Art Teacher

Annie has 3 distinct roles at Centennial. She works as an art therapist where students have individual sessions and are encouraged to express themselves using art materials in order to increase self-awareness, emotional regulation and self-reflection. Annie works as an art teacher with all classes once a week. Students experience a variety of artmaking activities using varied materials and experimenting with different techniques. Students do painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing, printmaking and mosaics. Annie is the Anti Racism Contact Officer for Centennial Park. This role has 3 parts, acknowledging complaints, educational- building understanding of racism and monitoring any issues.


Luca, Teacher

Luca is a classroom teacher who is experienced in teaching subjects such as English, Italian and TESOL (Teaching English as a Second/ or Additional Language). He also co-ordinates extra-curricular activities such as the school Barista Program, weekly workshop at the Sydney Story Factory and manages the school blog.


Brooke, Teacher

Brooke has a background in teaching Drama in mainstream and special education settings. While she supports students through all key learning areas of the curriculum, she has maintained her passion for teaching Drama by offering specialist classes and supporting students to produce short films for festivals including the Reelise Film Festival. Brooke has maintained a professional acting practice by featuring in stage plays and commercials.


Frank - Teacher

Frank is a Visual Arts teacher and passionate musician. While he supports students in his classroom across all key learning areas, Frank additionally provides music lessons to all classes at CPS. He proactively supports students in their skill development and confidence across a number of instruments to include drum, guitar and keyboard. Frank is a keen basketball player and can often be seen at lunch time engaging students in a friendly game of basketball. Frank has also facilitated technology lessons across classes which has included the development of short films to be entered in state wide competitions to include the Reelise Film Festival.


Andrew is a PD/H/PE and English teacher. He undertakes the role of Sports Coordinator that includes booking and managing off-site activities to include archery, indoor rock climbing and swimming. As a qualified personal trainer Andrew facilitates 1:1 and small group fitness sessions that aim to support both the physical and mental health needs of students. Andrew has recently engaged in professional learning on remedial reading programs and strategies and is proactive in supporting students across the school who require additional support in this area.


Sarah is a Geography teacher with a background as a School Counsellor. Sarah mostly works 1:1 with students providing remedial literacy and numeracy on a needs basis. Proactive in providing social skilling and leadership opportunities to students, Sarah spearheads the Student Leadership Committee at CPS. Within this role, Sarah supports the elected student leaders to facilitate meetings, promote their role within the school, organise fundraising events and foster a positive and safe environment for their peers.

Mo - Student Support Officer

Mo - Student Support Officer

Mo is a qualified Social Worker and undertakes the role of Student Support Officer at CPS. This enables Mo to work with individual students and their families to access external support services that can provide medical and mental health assistance, housing and transition pathways after school. Mo supports disengaged students with a history of school refusal to attend school through home visits and attendance plans, and facilitates holidays programs for CPS students on a needs basis.

Simone - Music Therapist

Simone is a qualified Music Therapist who works at CPS two days per week where students have individual sessions and are encouraged to express themselves using musical instruments and vocals in order to increase self-awareness, emotional regulation and self-reflection. Simone facilitates a student vocal group, Centennial Voices, in which all students are welcome to join. The vocal group collaboratively selects music meet weekly to practice the selected songs in preparation for school events to include the end of year presentation.

Support Staff

Sam - SLSO/Technical Support

Sam - SLSO/Technical Support

I have been working at Centennial Park School as an SLSO since 2010. My role is to assist in students' education as well as engage them in our many supplementary programs such as sport and technology. As a Computer Science undergraduate, I also like to assist the school to provide any technology solutions I can. This includes building and maintaining this website as well as creating an interface for assessing students progress in our program so that we can provide the best support possible.

Cassia - School Learning Support Officer

Cassia - School Learning Support Officer

Cassia is a School Learning Support Officer, assisting students within the classroom space to access curriculum and meet learning outcomes. Cassia is our 'kitchen queen'! She loves to support teachers and students in the school cooking program and is known, on occasion, to make yummy pancakes for the student breakfast program. Cassia is a passionate yogi who has recently completed yoga teacher training.

Josh - SLSO

Josh - SLSO

Josh is a School Learning Support Officer who is connected to C5 classroom, a school to work transition class for senior students. Josh frequently supports students who are integrating to their mainstream schools by providing travel training and support on-site of the mainstream school. Josh also supports the management of the student café, in particular, the flourishing partnership with Randwick City Council in which C5 students provide barista quality coffee to RCC staff twice a week.

Lucy - SLSO

Lucy is a School Learning Support Officer, assisting students within the classroom space to access curriculum and meet learning outcomes. Lucy has studied Drama at a tertiary level and enjoys working with individual students in Drama and English studies. She supports with the writing and delivery of speeches, vocal projection and film and stage techniques within the theory component of the curriculum.

Trent - SLSO

Trent - SLSO

Trent is a School Learning Support Officer and keen musician. He assists students within the classroom space to access curriculum and meet learning outcomes. Trent often supports the music program by working alongside the music teacher to provide 1:1 support to students learning musical instruments.

Yogi - SLSO

Yogi - SLSO

Yogi is a school learning and support officer who works on a casual basis at the school. Yogi is currently completing a teaching degree in textiles and enjoys working with the creative arts teachers at CPS to provide practical textile based creative arts projects for students.

Melissa - School Administrative Manager

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